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Keyra Augustina - perfect ass
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Interview with Keyra

By who or for what reason were you encouraged to send in your first photo?
By a bet (I do not want to deepen the story) but I could not have imagined what has happened since then!

Where does the nickname Keyra come from?
If I tell you that I invented it in the moment would you believe me?? LOL!

How would you define yourself?
I risk it all 100%... and am extroverted, funny, sensitive and prone to the problems. Maybe I should not tell it but, I have a mind …LOL! and without bad intentions above all.

Do you answer all the e-mails that you receive?
I was used to doing it but with so many activities and so very little time for that remains to me, there are too many emails and very little time.

What is the most curious thing anyone has said or proposed?
Aye! many things... I should have made a list… not by themselves are so curious, although if we keep in mind that all arose from some amateur photos. They offered me photo sessions in important magazines around the entire world and to interviews, videos, invitations to video programs outside and in my country, and even high amounts of money to get me to Spain. But to all I have said no, I do not deny that i would like to do professional photos and to be model, is something that I love in truth, but I do not choose that as a life, I choose another road currently and am happy with that money and way of life, but such proposals... they tempted me.

We know that you speak with some users of the web, by what criteria do you select these users?
In reality I do not speak with many, the form that most use to communicate with me is through the web pages, and to whom I have as the friends… they have captivated me with mails and personalities… but I cannot specify a criteria, only that i liked them at that moment and added them to my list of contacts. And All began that way, without but returns.

Do you know that important radio and tv programs have nominated you Perfect Ass of the Year?
Jajaja LOL!! that causes me a lot of attention! I cannot believe it that from such far away this story has arrived…

Do you feel you are a video legend on the Internet?
Perhaps many girls wanted to be in my perfect ass place but, the truth, I did not have plan for all this ass, was itself me of the hands. Many times I feel flattered, if someone likes pretty things why NOT tell of it? but it also cautions me, above all because I do not seek the fame or neither the money

What is the most funny or curious flirting that has been said to you?
Aye! Lets see… I paid a lot of attention when they said that I seemed like superhero comic girl LOL!!... Who? Me?

Someone has recognized you along the street or at the university?
I expect it's never me Keyra butt at times I suspect it when I go out into the street or I rise to some public transport and they remain looking at me for a while, thats when I ask myself, are they recognizing me???

Some say that they should clone you, what do you think of that?
Mmm… I believe that is an insanity jaja LOL!!, but they do not agree it as crazy…

A girl asked in a Forum: When must eat that best ass perfect ass Keyra?
For a digital cam? It is sure! some time I promised it, we save that for when they lower the price of one LOL!.

Are you wise that there are hundreds of girls in the Network passing?
Yes, they are strong… these girls are… incredible.

Would you do photo sessions for professional magazines?
If the truth is told I would love, many times I dreamt of that: to be model professional , but by personal reasons I am not doing it (for now only amateur), at any rate I am happy with what I elected and I am happy to live on that

A hobbie?

A Vice?
To show all the photos? jaja kidding, private vices… some obsessions...

A color?

A phrase?
There is not badly that by well come not.

A Book?
The Little Prince

Food preferred?

A beverage?
Mineral water

Beach or mountain?
Mountain, and even more if there is snow LOL!

Ideal boyfriend?
The one that respect me, understand me, want see me such as I am, and that besides have his goals in life.

A movie?
The life is Beautiful

You smoke?

Dominating or to be dominated?
I prefer a medium point.

You study or work?
Study, and some times work depending on the times that run… but are used to being works of few hours, distributing advertising roles

That plans you have for the future?
Forming a pretty family, to come to be very good in which I choose, to enjoy the things and to be happy.

To finish, you want to leave some message for the users that may be reading?
Many thanks to all the ones that send me mails and messages they leave me, although at times I don't respond because it's a question of time, but i do read them all and the truth is I like them a lot, thanks. Kisses always ! ! !

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